Rihanna’s Loud Will Be ‘Brighter,’ Shontelle Says

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MTV News: The average American girl might spend summer camp trying to accessorize her lame crewneck tee or crushing on the boy two cabins down, but it didn’t go down like that for Rihanna and childhood friend-turned-singer Shontelle. Far from deconstructing T-shirts or penning gushy love notes, the Barbados-born singers were busy working up a sweat.

“Just picture Rihanna’s ‘Hard’ video,” Shontelle joked to MTV News, comparing their camp experience to the combat-inspired clip. “Picture both of us being that G.”

While Rihanna is currently prepping Loud and Shontelle dropped her sophomore LP last month, the future stars were once enrolled in a boot-camp-style cadets program on the lush island — though apparently the two didn’t share equal rank.

“I was the drill sergeant,” the 25-year-old informed us. “And yes, I did give [Rihanna] push-ups. I have given her push-ups.”

The Caribbean crooners can “laugh about it now,” and as if to offer further proof that there aren’t any lingering hard feelings, Shontelle said she recently caught a show on Rihanna’s Last Girl on Earth Tour “and we got in the studio. So there’s actually a track that we worked on together that’s gonna be on Loud.”

The “Impossible” singer confirmed widely circulated rumors that her fellow Bajan’s fifth album will revive pre-“Russian Roulette” Rihanna.

“Loud is a real contrast from the last album, from Rated R,” Shontelle said. “It’s a lot brighter. … This album is gonna be so much fun, as you can tell just from the first single. It’s just like, ‘Unh, unh la la la,’ ” she explained, letting out the first bar of “Only Girl (In the World).” “That’s pretty much how the whole album sounds. It’s a lot of fun.”

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