Gucci Tattoo Heart Collection

November 2008: With ads featuring Rihanna, Gucci is conducting its fourth annual campaign to benefit UNICEF. For this rather generous occasion, a special white version of its Tattoo Heart Collection has been launched. The spunky bags sport Gucci’s iconic heart and rose design, a colorful print, which looks bold against the white background.

“I love the idea of a heart being tattooed onto the handbags,” explained Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini, who has been involved in Gucci’s annual charity line since 2005. “It’s a permanent mark that you can wear with pride that stays with you. I think that represents very well what we are doing here. This is not a one-off program, but rather an ongoing commitment to the incredible work that UNICEF is able to achieve. It’s really our chance to give back.”

The Gucci UNICEF Tattoo Heart Collection can be bought at Gucci stores in more than 20 countries. It will hit the market on November 19. The 25% of the sales of the bag will go to UNICEF to provide help to orphans and children affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa.

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