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1. Most Wanted

When you’re the music industry’s reigning Original Bad Gal, everybody wants a piece. Slip on some of Rihanna’s uncommon style with the Most Wanted, a collaborative sock design from the mind of a muse who knows what it means to call the shots. The Most Wanted is a baby-punk goth homage to vintage horror movie posters, a dark and twisted play on hostage collage art set against a sweet hue of baby pink. Each pair is spun from our signature blend of soft combed cotton and built with performance features like a seamless toe closure, deep heel pockets, and a specialized band of elastic arch support that gives feet a lift. For added durability, each pair sports a reinforced heel and toe. And although Rihanna’s big enough to be on a first-name basis (eight Grammy awards will do that to a girl), she pays tribute to her roots with “Fenty” -her name-emblazoned on the cuff. Don’t wait around for what you want-take what you deserve with Stance’s Most Wanted.

2. Candy Bars Tall Boot

With seven albums in as many years and no shortage of surprises up her sleeves, Rihanna always keeps us craving more of her fierce originality. Get a taste of music’s original Bad Gal with Stance’s Candy Bars, a collaborative Tall Boot sock style inspired by the sweet beats and naughty lyrics of a muse who knows what it means to call the shots. Buttery soft combed cotton fibers are blended together with elevated design details-like deep heel pockets and a band of springy elastic arch support-for a sock that hits all the right notes. Perfect for pulling up over the edge of your favorite boots, these high risers come in a sugary pastel shade of pink and bold black stripes that capture Ri Ri’s signature baby-punk goth style. With Stance’s Candy Bars, it’s always good to bite off more than you can chew.

3. Punk N Patch

Of all the things that go bump in the night, we always turn Rihanna up the loudest. The music industry’s original Bad Gal isn’t afraid to embrace her dark side with Stance’s Punk N Patch, a collaborative sock design inspired by the baby-punk goth style of a muse who knows what it means to call the shots. While the sock was inspired by vintage horror movie posters and the ghoulish characters from classic B-movie flicks, the only thing scary about the Punk N Patch is how smooth it feels against your feet. Buttery soft combed cotton fibers are spun together with technologically advanced details, like deep heel pockets and a band of elastic arch support, for an elevated style that feels even better than it looks. For added durability, each pair sports a reinforced heel and toe and a self-adjusting cuff that ensures the sock never loses its grip. Put some more fright in your night with Stance’s Punk N Patch.

4. Broke Bitch & Pedi Cure

Rihanna doesn’t just toe the line between basic and bold: she kicks it in the teeth. Stance’s Pedi Cure & Broke Bitch is one of our first collaborative toe-sock designs from the mind of music’s original Bad Gal, an uncommon style that proves there are always new ways to reinvent a classic. The socks kill it with comfort thanks to premium combed cotton fibers, finely spun for a smooth fit and feel. We blended a bold black base with performance features like springy elastic arch support and deep heel pockets for s supremely comfortable fit, while a reinforced heel offers the ultimate in durability. And forget about sock slippage-self-adjusting welt cuffs keep everything in its place. Individual toe pockets are emblazoned with a pedicure-inspired pop of color and knuckle-tattoo lettering that sends a crystal clear message: when it comes to bold style, you always call the shots.


Rihanna for Stance

1. Pimp Claus

If nice girls finish last, that might explain why Rihanna’s always on top. Earn your billing on the naughty list with Stance’s Pimp Claus, an uncommonly cool holiday sock style inspired by the artist’s iconic on-stage and music video looks. Steal the spotlight from all that tinsel and gold with this special collaboration sock, spun from premium combed cotton, threads of Lurex for some seasonal shimmer, and a fuzzy jacquard texture that hold feet hostage in comfort. The Pimp Claus enlists some of our most innovative design features, like deep heel pockets and a band of elastic arch support that offers feet some lift. For added durability, the Pimp Claus sports reinforced heels and toes and a self-adjusting cuff that prevents sock slippage. Naughty or nice, get what you really deserve with Stance’s Pimp Claus.

Rihanna for Stance

2. Heaux Heaux

It’s Rihanna’s world. We’re just living in it. Earn your keep with Stance’s Heaux Heaux, a collaborative tongue-in-cheek style inspired by music’s Original Bad Gal. Made for the ladies who want to celebrate the holidays without all the glitter and gold, this sleek Everyday fit style is a wink you can wear with shimmery Lurex and a buttery blend of fibers that look good and feel even better. For the ultimate in comfort, we built each pair with our signature elastic arch support, deep heel pockets, and a self-adjusting cuff that keeps it all in place. For added durability, the Heaux Heaux sports a reinforced heel and toe. Give it, gift it, or keep it for yourself. You’ll look good no matter what you decide with Stance’s Heaux Heaux.

Rihanna for Stance

3.  Deez Chest Nuts

Rihanna’s not just hot. She’s on fire with our newest holiday collaboration style, Stance’s Deez Chest Nuts. Hang serious comfort and style over the hearth with this Everyday fit style, spun from our signature blend of fibers and built with technical features like deep heel pockets and a self-adjusting cuff that prevents socks slippage. For added durability, Deez Chest Nuts sport reinforced heels and toes and a band of elastic arch support that offers feet some lift. Rihanna gives a nod to her best friends with monogrammed stockings over a fireplace, a trippy socks-on-socks jacquard print that’s a little to the left and always uncommonly cool. Keep on blazing in Stance’s Deez Chest Nuts.

4. Carols

When you’re the music industry’s reigning Original Bad Gal, the holidays are just another reason to belt it out. We let Rihanna chime in with our loudest collaborative style yet: Stance’s Carols. Built with high-wattage Lurex shine and embellished with real bells, this sheer and sexy Anklet-ft style looks and sounds as good as it feels. We started with our signature blend of soft premium fibers and added in technical details like deep heel pockets and a band of elastic arch support that cradles the contours of the feet. For added durability, the Carols sports reinforced heels and toes and a self-adjust cuff that ensures they’ll stay up as late as you do. Ring your own bell with Stance’s Carols.

Rihanna for Stance

5. Fro$t Bite


6. Frosty

Rihanna doesn’t play by the rules, and neither does our sexiest collaborative holiday style. Stance’s Frosty lets the cold in with a boudoir-ready design and a sheer construction that shows off some skin. Heat things up with these Tall-fit socks, spun from our silkiest fibers and a touch of Lurex shimmer that feels smooth against the skin. They may look skimpy, but we didn’t skimp on comfort, building each pair with deep heel pockets, elastic arch support, and a self-adjusting cuff that stays in place (no matter what else you’re letting slip). To top it all off, the Frosty is rimmed by a luxe feather boa detail for a rich winter style only a muse as uncommonly cool as Rihanna could inspire. Sink your teeth into something sexy with Stance’s Frosty.


1. Look Back at it

Change your perspective with Stance’s Look Back At It, unfathomably sweet and sexy Over-the-Knee hosiery designed by Rihanna. These stockings hit high at mid-thigh and let your skin have the spotlight with sheer nylon fibers. Baby bows up the back of the leg keep all eyes on you, even when you’re two steps ahead. They’ll hate to see you go, but with Stance’s Look Back At It they’ll love to watch you walk away.

2. Tip Toe Baby

Some musicians toe the line between performer and personality, revolution and rebellion. Rihanna kicks it in the teeth. Celebrate the uncommon style of music’s most unexpected muse with Stance’s Tip Toe Baby, a sock that refuses to play by the rules. The top of this Tall Boot style is understated and cozy, with a double cylinder construction, pastel hues, and cozy combed cotton ribs. But below the surface it’s a rock star riot with an open-toe fit that begs to be paired with your highest heels-or nothing at all. Turn it up in a sock that can hold it down with Stance’s Tip Toe Baby.

3. 88 Hosiery

A nod to the birth year of a generation’s most unapologetic muse, this collaborative hosiery style from Stance and Rihanna is all about the numbers: hundreds of silky nylon and filament fibers for a sheer style that shows off some skin, two stockings built with reinforced toes for added durability, one pair of thigh-highs that’s about to take over your wardrobe. We’re always looking to the future, but let’s face it: some years were just better than others.

4. 88 Anklet




1. Award Show Box

We pay tribute Rihanna’s most talked about red carpet moments that brought fashionistas, designers, and fans to their knees in awe. Her creative genius shines through as sexy, rebellious, and confident with our Rihanna Award Show Box Set which includes 2 sets of her most jaw dropping award show looks, her 230,000 Swarovski crystal “naked dress” and her 55 pound imperial yellow Chinese couture gown, making it crystal clear there can only be one true icon and her name is Rihanna.

2. Music Video Box

To be an icon, you have to dress like one. No one rewrites the rules of style quite like Rihanna. With eight studio albums, eight Grammy awards, and thirteen number one singles, music’s original Bad Gal knows creativity is the boldest form of rebellion and she lets her style call the shots. Stance’s Iconic Looks Collection celebrates Rihanna’s most incredible and uncommonly cool outfits from her music videos with a two sock set that is anything but well behaved. Introducing Pour it up and Work- Available only in the Rihanna Music Video Box Set.



1. Fenty Prep

The Fenty Prep is the best way to stay classy for the holidays, even if you take too many dips in the punch bowl. A favorite from the Fenty for Stance by Rihanna collection, this sock has a cozy sweater feel and rich holiday colors that can be dressed up for parties or down for chillin’ by the fire. There’s even a Fenty logo on the pre-rolled cuff so everyone knows you’re part of Rihanna’s Navy.

2. Saucy

If you know Rihanna, then you already know all about the Saucy. This lightweight striped sock features “Rhenna,” a fan-art stick figure grasping a glass of red wine that Rihanna adopted as her alter-ego. It’s Rihanna’s special holiday gift to her loyal Navy to mark her ninth Fenty for Stance collection.

3. The Thottie

“Thottie” or Nice? That’s up to you to decide with The Thottie from the Fenty for Stance by Rihanna collection. This 200-needle crew sock is holiday kitsch at its finest, with wine-and-cream colored striped inspired by classic athletic socks. With a sock this clever, you don’t have to be naughty to be a Bad Gal.

4. Fur Fatale

This holiday season, knock ‘em dead with the Fur Fatale from Fenty for Stance by Rihanna. A sexy take on a familiar gym-class style, the Fur Fatale hits just above the knee and comes in rich winter colors. Kitschy white fur striping gives you leg up on whatever everyone else is wearing to the party.

5. Pure Platinum

‘Tis the season for silver and gold, but this year we’re channeling Rihanna’s chart-topping career and going Pure Platinum. This shimmery hosiery hits just above the knee, with a sheer look and athletic stripes that prove less is definitely more. Let it show, let it show, let it show with this sexy over-the-knee sock from Fenty for Stance.


Source: Stance.com