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About site

  • Site name: Rihanna Fenty Online, Rihanna Online, Rihanna Replay
  • Owner: Paula
  • Previous owners: Dominika, Tamara, Nathalie
  • Since: early March 2005 (as blog); October 17th 2005 (as full website); November 2009 (re-opening)
  • Short history (written by Dominika):

In January 2005 I took part in forum about black music. Then one of the members posted topic about new star and called her “Exotic Beauty”. Who was that? Of course Rihanna. I read about her only some information (that she will be appeared in Memphis Bleek video for ‘Like That’ in March 2005, that’s her real name is Robyn and she’s from Barbados & she will probably be signed to Def Jam…) In those days there weren’t any Rihanna fansites so I didn’t even know how old is she, how to spell her name, etc.

I didn’t have any experience in making fansites so I couldn’t make a new one. In the meanwhile I learned how to code the layout, how to make a good graphics and in March 2005 I opened blog dedicated to Robyn with latest news, pics, videos and information. In October 2005 I made my first and full fansite…about Riri of course, lol! Unfortunately, there were two or three popular fansites so my chance to do next popular and great site was really small. But I didn’t give up! If I made the website in February 2005 it would be the first and probably the most popular source for Riri on the whole net, but oh well…. Like I said, I didn’t have any experience. It doesn’t matter now. We have lots of nice section dedicated to Bajan Beauty and the biggest photogallery of her online.

  • Written by Paula (14.08/2012):

I joined Rihanna-Fenty.com on December 2nd, 2009. The site wasn’t updated much in 2009 and probably the most important thing was to update the gallery with the photos from the whole year. The fansite had a poor layout back then and it was hard to update it as we didn’t use WordPress at that time.

The main goal was (and still is) to bring back the popularity this fansite had in 2007-2008 so more fans have access to latest news and photos. In March 2010, we finally got a nice looking layout but we moved to WordPress in September 2010.

As for 2012, I can tell we partly reached the goal as we’re getting more and more popular everyday and more people get relevant information daily. I hope to see even more success for this fansite as I really feel responsible for it and I don’t want Dominika’s and others hard work to go to waste.

Update 27.07/2014: At the end of 2012 we merged with Rihanna-Diva, the biggest French fansite about Rihanna with the biggest gallery in the Net. Me and Nicolas are still trying to post latest news and photos as soon as possible. We’re still stanning hard for Rihanna and love providing latest news for you. The fansite’s Twitter has become a big part of the development so we hope you follow us there too. We hope you like the development of the site and visit us often.

Update 23.09/2017: After 12 years of being online, this website is still going strong! The site is always updated with latest news and media. I am glad to see that a lot of fans not only visit us but also come back on daily basis. Rihanna’s empire is still expanding and there is always something exciting to write about, this is why you probably gonna see me update this site till I am like…60, lol. You don’t need to worry where to find Rihanna related news – they are always here. Cheers to even more years together!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed your stay. 


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  1. Good luck! You’re doing a great job! This is my favourite fansite since 2007 and I miss Dominika but you’re really doing a great job so congrats 😉

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