Will Rihanna Land on the Cover of Vogue?

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Rihanna’s Met-ball getup may have been the second most attention-getting of the night, next to Madonna’s crazy drunken-maid-stripper outfit. Clearly the strong-shouldered tux, like a piece of eighteenth-century literature, deserves more than superficial analysis; the world may deduce the costume was a metaphor for her inner strength as an independent woman. Perhaps the kind of independent woman who might appear on a Vogue cover. Rumors are swirling of RiRi’s Vogue-cover debut, after she was seen getting chummy with Anna Wintour at a Met-gala after-party at Monkey Bar (and they say A-Dubs is out of touch). Of course RiRi should appear on a Vogue cover. She has emerged as an independent woman, and if Blake Lively and her Traveling Pants can land one … But what about Rihanna’s increasingly bizarre style? Look what she wore last night leaving her hotel: cutoffs rolled up in the front only, PVC Rodarte stockings, a jacket with mini-bat-wings, and earrings that connected by a chain underneath her chin (so if one falls out, the pair is not forsaken?). That’s four pretty unusual items of apparel in one outfit, which leads us to believe someone thought way too hard about it. We’re not sure if RiRi bought those shorts or made them herself. But who, when making cutoffs, goes, “These would look great with a roll sewn up in the front and a stringy flap hanging in the back?” They’re the mullet of denim shorts. How does that make Anna feel? Thanks nymag.com

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I am a fan since 2005, a stan since 2007. She is empowering, daring, fearless and anything anyone always dreams to be in their lives. She also makes amazing music and never fails to surprise her fans.

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