Track Posted On Kanye West’s Blog Not Rihanna & Lady Gaga’s

A new song Kanye West imbedded into his blog on Monday, and which many purported to be Rihanna featuring Lady Gaga, is a fake according to reps for the singers. Publicists for Rihanna and Lady Gaga both told Access Hollywood that the song, “Silly Boy,” a cut about a guy attempting to make amends with a woman only to be denied for all the mistakes he’s made, said the two women are not behind the song. Rihanna’s rep said she is not on the track and Lady Gaga’s publicist released a statement denying her involvement to Access.
“The song is a fake… It’s not Lady Gaga,” the blonde pop star’s rep said in the statement.
On Wednesday, the song was still posted on Kanye’s blog.

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