Throwback Thursday: What’s My Name? on X Factor

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I know it has been a while since the last Throwback Thursday post (almost a month!) but today I am back. Don’t forget you can give me ideas for the next posts by tweeting me (@RihannaReplay).

I bet many of you remember how successful Rihanna’s LOUD Era was, especially the ‘What’s My Name?’ single that she recorded with Drake. The song is one of my favourites by Rihanna and I still play it a lot on my iPod (with the whole iconic LOUD album). This post is going to be about Rihanna’s performance of ‘What’s My Name?’ on the X Factor UK finale. The same night she gave an amazing performance of ‘Unfaithful’ with X Factor contestant Matt Cardle.

Whenever I watch Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name?’ performances I feel this good vibe she brings to the stage. Not to mention that the song is about youthful love which is something that most of the time brings some pleasant memories. RiRi’s vocals in this performance were on point: powerful and sexy, and the dancing routine with island music breakdown is always something I look forward to. She looked beautiful and happy. Who doesn’t love her red curly hair?


The performance caused some problems for X Factor producers. Some parents said it was inappropriate for the children that were also watching the show. To me, there was nothing inappropriate. Her outfit was cute and matched the theme of the song. People who think Rihanna is there to raise their children are very mistaken. Maybe instead of watching TV with their children, parents should have thought of more creative ways of organizing time for them so they wouldn’t complain and bring nonsense arguments.

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