Rihanna's Fenty Beauty won social media

Fenty Beauty coming to 10 more countries

Great news, make-up and Fenty Beauty lovers! One day before Fenty Beauty’s first anniversary the brand will be available in 10 more countries. The brand announced on their social media that on September 7, 2018 the brand will be available in Sephora stores in Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Srbija, Switzerland and Turkey! […]

Rihanna attends Savage x Fenty launch in New York May 10, 2018

Rihanna attends Savage x Fenty launch in New York

“Our hostess will be joining us soon if you could move into the other room please.” The evening’s hostess was Rihanna and the occasion was the Savage X Fenty party (available wordlwide now!). Held hours before the midnight launch of her new line, the fete doubled as a shopping event where it was more than […]

Rihanna attends Fenty Beauty launch in Milan on April 5, 2018

Rihanna attends Fenty Beauty launch in Milan

Rihanna surprised her fans and beauty lovers as she attended Fenty Beauty launch in Milan, Italy tonight. She was there to celebrate brand’s entry onto the Italian market just in time for tomorrow’s Body Lava and Fairy Bomb drop (April 6th). Check out the first photos of the beauty mogul glowing at the launch tonight. Her […]

Live-created fan campaign for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Welcome to Fenty Beauty’s Playground

Never shy of breaking the rules, Rihanna launches her globally anticipated makeup line, Fenty Beauty, in collaboration with Sephora, with an explosive experiential action for a new generation of beauty. The film of the Fenty Playground experience shows the complete takeover of Madrid’s central Callao Square, orchestrated by experiential design agency Wildbytes. FENTY’S PLAYGROUND Fenty’s […]

Rihanna attends Fenty Beauty launch in Madrid

Rihanna attends Fenty Beauty launch in Madrid

Rihanna is continuing her little tour promoting Fenty Beauty and last night she visited Madrid, Spain. She was greeted by hundreds of fans outside Sephora store at Plaza del Callao. She looked amazing as she celebrated the release of her very own cosmetic line with her beloved supporters! There was even a trampoline made to look […]

Rihanna attends Fenty Beauty launch in Paris - September 21

Rihanna attends Fenty Beauty launch in Paris

Rihanna is currently on mini tour promoting her Fenty Beauty line and a couple of hours ago she attended the Paris launch party hosted by Sephora at Jardin des Tuileries. During the launch she unveiled the holiday collection – Galaxy and expressed her love for Paris. Once again she invited fans to celebrate this special moment […]

Rihanna attends Fenty Beauty launch in London

Rihanna attends Fenty Beauty launch in London

Rihanna is currently attending the Fenty Beauty x Harvey Nichols Launch at Harvey Nichols in London. Check out the first photos of her looking so gorgeous I cannot even find the right words to describe her beauty! Rihanna invited a lot of UK Navy to join her to celebrate this special moment which is the release […]

Rihanna talks feeling indebted to Latin culture

Latina caught up with Rihanna at launch of her Fenty Line at the chic Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn and had an exlcusive chat about her inclusive makeup line that launched today!

As you know Latinas come in all shades from black to white, why was it important for you to have 40 shades of foundation?

I got my love for my Latino and Latinas! The foundation is such an extremely perfect formula in my eyes and I wanted range. With every product I was like, ‘there needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl, there needs to be something for a pale-skinned girl and everything in between.’ You want people to appreciate the product and not go ‘oh, that’s cute, but it only looks good on her.’ One of my product managers Jen is Latin, and she’s very proud of what we created. We also have two amazing Global Makeup Artists, Priscilla Ono and Hector Espinal. I feel really indebted to Latin culture!

What was your favorite aspect of creating the line?

I liked playing with the packaging, we really had fun, as you’ll see with the magnetic highlighter sticks. So people can collect, group them together, and feel like they can find them at any time.

Do you have any Caribbean beauty secrets?

Humidity, a little bit of Vitamin D, sunshine, lots of water. And let me see, maybe a little bit of rum!

Any beauty advice passed down from your mom or abuela?

Ooh, my grandma wanted me to wear a girdle from the time I was 13-years-old. She was like “You need to start training your body” I guess its like an old school thing. I didn’t always do it though. I was like that’s for old ladies! Now I wish I did!

How do you take care of your skin? It’s so radiant!

I actually have very sensitive skin, so I don’t mess with it too much. I cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate, but not too much.

You have a clothing line, a beauty line, what else is next?

I always have something up my sleeve! I Iike to be creative, I like to stay busy.

What’s your fave product from line?

The Gloss Bomb lip gloss is to die for, I just keep putting it on and on. It has that nice rosy hue that looks good on every skin tone and it has the utmost shimmer which I love

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Rihanna on diversity, quality and the power of makeup

Featured on HarveyNichols.com site with her new Fenty Beauty line, Rihanna talks about having her first makeup done, diversity and quality of her beauty line and her involvement in the whole process. She also gives her fans and customers a very important advice regarding makeup. Rihanna On The Early Years “The first time I remember […]

Rihanna celebrates the Fenty Beauty launch at a Sephora in New York

It was a busy but also very successful day for Rihanna! After an industry bash at the Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn, the bad gal herself headed to the Times Square Sephora store to surprise the massive crowd of fans waiting until midnight for the launch of Fenty Beauty. Judging from the batch of breathless Instagrams that […]

Rihanna admits “it breaks her heart” to see Irma destroy islands she loves

Rihanna was a vision of beauty in yellow as she launched her Fenty Beauty Line in NYC on Thursday. Extra’s AJ Calloway was with the Grammy winner from Barbados on the red carpet. While she was happy to be celebrating her line, she admitted her thoughts were on Hurricane Irma and the Caribbean. She said […]

Rihanna keeps it real about flaws and talks THAT Lupita Nyong’o film

Rihanna keeps it real when it comes to beauty and being “realistic” about her flaws. ET’s Keltie Knight caught up with the 29-year-old singer at the Fenty Beauty By Rihanna launch event in New York City on Thursday, where she opened up about her earliest memories of doing her makeup and celebrating all types of […]