Rihanna attends Gucci store opening in New York on May 5th, 2018

Rihanna attends Gucci store opening in New York

Rihanna is back in town and she is ready to show everyone what fashion should be about. After visiting the office earlier in the day, Rihanna was photographed heading to the Gucci store opening in New York. Of course she turned heads as she arrived in a creative and bold outfit. Salma Hayek, Jared Leto and […]

Rihanna rules Coachella in Gucci Balaclava April 15, 2018

Rihanna rules Coachella in Gucci Balaclava

The best way to keep the focus on your festival-ready eye makeup? In Rihanna’s world, the answer arrives in the entirely unexpected guise of a printed Gucci balaclava. For the last night of Coachella 2018’s first weekend, the pop star traded in major hair, sculpted cheekbones and free-the-nipple wardrobe statements for the snug, incognito appeal […]

Rihanna jets out of New York on February 27, 2018

Rihanna jets out of New York

After spending some time in the Big Apple, Rihanna was seen arriving at JFK Airport and leaving the city on February 27. She was dressed casually in fashionable Balenciaga sneakers and all grey Palace sweats and hoodie. We are not sure where she was headed but a couple of hours later she posted a photo […]

Rihanna heads to Ocean’s Eight set

Dreadlocks are back! Rihanna was photographed leaving her apartment and heading to Ocean’s Eight’s set in New York last night. It appears they are filming one of the main scenes, as rumour has it the Met Gala heist that is going to be included is filmed right now. Rihanna donned a pair of $460 Gucci socks and […]

More exclusives & cocktail reception photos

I added more exclusive photos that Tamara took at the snowflake lighting in high quality and new photos of Rihanna at the launch of the Tattoo Heart Collection cocktail reception that was held at Gucci. [ RFO Exclusive] Snowflake Lighting Benefiting UNICEF (11/19/08) Gucci launches the Tattoo Heart Collection Cocktail Reception at Gucci (11/19/08)