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Rihanna wins her 13th American Music Award

Having not released album since January 2016, Rihanna proves she does not need an album every year to stay relevant or get love from her fans. At this year’s American

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Rihanna scores one American Music Awards nomination

2018 American Music Awards have just been announced and Rihanna is one of the nominated ladies. For the ninth time in her career she will be competing in Favorite Female Artist

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Rihanna talks Fenty Beauty and sends positive message to young girls

“Lipstick in Barbados? Not unless I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding,” recalls Rihanna with a laugh when asked about her teenage beauty routine. “My mom wasn’t flexible. I wore no makeup.” Though she wasn’t

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Rihanna scores two American Music Awards nominations

2017 American Music Awards nominations have been announced today and I am so happy to report that Rihanna is nominated in two categories. She will get a chance to get

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Rihanna scores SEVEN American Music Awards nominations

Rachel Platten and Joe Jonas were live on Good Morning America and Snapchat to present the nominations for 2016 American Music Awards. We are happy to announce that Rihanna scored

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American Music Awards 2013

It was a big day for Rihanna and Rihanna Navy. Rihanna attended American Music Awards and was honoured with two awards: one for ‘Favourite Soul/R&B Female Artist’ and second, the

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