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Fenty Beauty announces second Artistry + Beauty Talk with Rihanna

Fenty Beauty is expanding to Asia this year and they are organizing the second Artistry + Beauty Talk with Rihanna.

In September Fenty Beauty will be available in Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul and Jeju.

On September 17, Rihanna is coming to Seoul with two Fenty Beauty global artists Hector Espinal and Priscilla Ono to give second Artistry + Beauty Talk.

In this makeup class that will take place at Lotte World Tower Superplex G Cinema, Rihanna, and her Global Makeup Artists, Priscilla Ono and Hector Espinal, will be on stage, giving the exclusive behind the scenes experience by sharing their artistry tips, tricks and secrets.

The first Artistry and Beauty Talk

The first Beauty talk took place in Dubai and if you want to see how it looked like, watch the official video below.

The tickets to the Seoul event sold out in under 7 minutes.

Rihanna recently showed up at Sephora event in Las Vegas to talk about Fenty Beauty. It looks like we might be getting first brow products (pencil and brush) in 14 shades on August 25.

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