Rita Ora admires Rihanna’s work ethic

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Rita Ora has admitted that she is pleased when she is compared to Rihanna. The singer praised Rihanna for her work ethic and said despite stories that they hate each other, the pair are in fact good friends. Ora told Complex magazine:

“I admire Rihanna. She works her ass off. She hasn’t had a break and she has given people hit after hit after hit. That work ethic and discipline is hardcore. That’s the kind of s**t that I want to do. That I will do.”

Ora also described greeting Rihanna at a party with a kiss, much to the surprise of the other people there. She said:

“People were like, ‘What the f**k!’. Everyone thought that we hated each other, but the whole thing was created by the media. That’s what’s so funny. She said, ‘Let’s just tweet this and get people mad’. We made a joke out of it. It’s love. Roc Nation is such an incredible, unique team, especially in the music industry. Everyone genuinely loves and cares about each other.”

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