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It looks like Rihanna’s break from music, at least when it comes to touring and being in “go mode,” is coming up pretty quick. Following the wrap of her soon to kick off ‘Diamonds World Tour’, Rihanna is set to take at least a year off!
Sources say Rihanna is anticipating this break after seven straight years of album release after album release, single after single and tour after tour.

“She’s been in this go mode for a while. Seven hit records in seven years. Sold out tours, but sources say after this tour wraps, she plans to take up to a year off to unwind,” Ryan Seacrest reported on-air via his morning show Thursday.

It’s unclear where Rihanna wants to relax during this well deserved and perhaps needed break, but it might just be her home island of Barbados… She is said to have an interest in staying put in one spot during her break, being able to write and record wherever she ends up.

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