Rihanna’s new album will be ‘timeless’

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Two years, three months, and 20-odd days is a whole lot of time to wait for a new Rihanna album — and we’d know, because MTV News has endured the agonizing wait between Unapologetic and Rih’s eighth, yet-untitled studio album along with the rest of the world. However, Rihanna gave us some clues about the album’s sound during a press day for her new animated movie “Home,” where she said that — just like “FourFiveSeconds” — a lot of the songs on the new LP will be soulful, heartfelt tunes to remember.

“I’ve made a lot of songs that are really, really big songs,” she said. “From the jump, they just blow up. And I wanted to kind of get back to — not that they weren’t real music, but I just wanted to focus on things that felt real, that felt soulful, that felt forever.”

Rih then admitted that many of her beloved hits from her past seven (!!) albums haven’t aged along with the artist, which she’s hoping to avoid with number eight.

“I wanted songs that I could perform in 15 years; I wanted an album that I could perform in 15 years,” she concluded. “Not any songs that were burnt out. I find that when I get on stage now, I don’t want to perform a lot of my songs. They don’t feel like me. So I want to make songs that are timeless.”

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