Rihanna’s manager talks about new album, new movie, new music video

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The music industry routine of releasing a new album every three to four years is no longer viable, Rihanna’s manager has argued.

“Kids want new material all the time. I think you become disposable when you put out an album every three years.”

Brown was speaking as Rihanna, 23, prepared to launch Talk That Talk, her sixth album since 2005.She has sold more the 20 million albums worldwide, recording new tracks in mobile studios as she tours, allowing for an almost unbroken schedule of annual releases.

“It’s not like we force her,” said Brown. “She goes into the studio because she likes it.”

The star’s manager, who works for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation company, added that he felt albums had become bloated, with unnecessarily long running times.
“Nobody, when they’re buying an album, wants to skip over tracks. If there are too many songs, you dilute what you’re trying to do.”
Rihanna has followed suit. Talk That Talk, is just over 35 minutes on the standard edition.

“When we were deciding the tracks to put on there, I wasn’t thinking about minutes and seconds,” said Brown. “I just wanted to make sure it was all hits.”

Source: BBC

Just twelve months after unleashing her chart-topping album Loud, Rihanna is already preparing to release the follow-up.

Incredibly, this is the 23-year-old’s sixth studio album and, according to her manager, her desire to keep recording is driven by her love of music and her wish to satisfy demand from her fans.

Introducing the album at SARM Studios in London’s Notting Hill, Jay Brown said she was right to keep on releasing albums as “kids are always looking for new music.”

He also revealed plans for her to shoot the video for her next single You Da One in London and confirmed that they’re talking to Melina Matsoukas, who was at the helm on the We Found Love shoot, about possible concepts.

When asked about her plans for 2012, Brown said Rihanna would be promoting her movie debut Battleship, which is due for release in the UK on 18 April, and would begin work on a second big screen project towards the end of the year.

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