Rihanna’s ‘Cockiness’ Is Perfect For Her, Producer Says

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Many of the tracks on Rihanna’s Talk That Talk certainly touch on some very sexy subjects, using some very saucy language. But none are quite as blush-inducing as “Cockiness (Love It),” a sexed-up, genre-busting anthem on which Rihanna’s not shy about liking the way her man loves her.
The Bangladesh-produced song is raunchy and over-the-top, and, according to the man himself, was already cooking up long before Rihanna came calling.

” ‘Cockiness,’ it’s layers of things I had sampled for a long time, never really messed with it too much,” he told MTV News. “I was in L.A., and I had just pulled it out, chopped it up, made it a beat. My artist Candice Pillay, my other writers, Dem Jointz, they wrote the song.”

Before appearing on Talk That Talk, the song was merely an idea that needed a bit of fine-tuning before heading Ri’s way.

“It wasn’t ‘Cockiness’ at first, it was something else. They had the ‘I love it’ part. … [They] came up with that part first, and that wasn’t even on that track: It was just an idea. I was going to make a whole new beat out of it, what they wrote to it that day, it wasn’t really all the way done. A couple days later, they revisited it and came up with the ‘Cockiness.’ “

After some work, the final product was all ready for just the right artist. Given its sexual innuendo and tomboy swagger, there really was only one person to record the track.

“I was like, ‘That’s dope. That’s Rihanna all day,’ ” Bangladesh said. “They sent the song back, and I finished producing it. I put the ‘I love it’ on it that they had already had. … She loved it, and that’s what it was.”

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