Rihanna was scared of Noisettes drummer beard

Rihanna’s been through some hairy moments recently, but none quite like this. The Umbrella singer was enjoying dinner in New York with the Noisettes when she got a little intimidated by the band’s drummer – and his face-fur. Fluffy sticksman Jamie Morrison explained: “I think she was a bit scared of my beard. It’s massive now and I’ve been growing it for five years. “We were at the table and I kept on looking over and she was looking at me and whispering to another one of her mates. “I reckon they we commenting on my facial hair, she was a little unsure of it I think.” “Put yourself in my position,” said Jamie. “You’re in New York, just done a great show, you know you’re coming back on a private jet and you’re sitting across the table from Rihanna – you think this is insane.”
source: thesun.co.uk

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