Rihanna to talk about love and Adele on The Jonathan Ross show

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Rihanna confirms that she is still a bachelorette and admits that she absolutely despises life without romance.

‘Yes I am a single lady. This is not something I enjoy,’

Rihanna said on British late night TV talk programme The Jonathan Ross show. ‘Single life is so overrated.’ Rihanna commiserates with singletons and their desire for personal freedom. Despite this acknowledgment, the star admits that she prefers being off the market.

‘You always want to be single when you are in a relationship but trust me it is no bueno (good),’ she explained. ‘I have such incredible experiences in my life, but you don’t want to live your life and then meet someone, you want to share your life with someone. I feel like that is what I am missing right now.’

Although Rihanna believes that many men are intimidated by her, she hopes that one day she will find the perfect mate.

‘Yeah [lots of guys feel threatened by me], but in that case they are probably not the right one ’cause I can’t do that,’ Rihanna explained. ‘I would love to find someone cool, fun, funny.’

Rihanna has also praised Adele for her 2011 album ’21’ and says she can really identify with the singer’s music. The ‘We Found Love’ singer admitted during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross show that Adele “doesn’t know the depth of my affection”, and says she loved meeting up with the ‘Rolling In The Deep’ singer at the BRITs last month.

“Really I came to the Brits to stalk Adele,” Rihanna told host Jonathan Ross. “it was nothing about the awards or the performance, for me it was just to see Adele again. She doesn’t know the depth of my affection. She has no idea,” the ‘You Da One’ star explained. “The last album 21 just spoke to me so much.”

Rihanna said she eventually had to stop listening to Adele’s Grammy Award-winning sophomore record because it upset her so much.

“I had to stop listening to it cos it was depressing me so much,” she added. “You become so attached to the stories, it’s really something you identify with.”

Rihanna’s appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show airs Saturday (3rd March) at 9.20pm on ITV1.

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