Rihanna to be in Russell James’ new book

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Russell James made his name with iconic photography that celebrates the female form, in particular he is famed for his photographs for American lingerie label Victoria’s Secret, his new book Angels celebrates the world’s most beautiful women, in all their glory.

The 304 page book, which is out this month, includes images of some of the most famous models in the world.  The revealing book features black and white naked images of Gisele Bundchen, Rihanna, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge, Kendall Jenner and Adriana Lima and many more well known faces.

“Over the past two decades I have had the good fortune to photograph many of the world’s most beautiful women, most of whom I met while working for Victoria’s Secret,” commented James on the launch of the new book. “Simply shooting a nude photograph is easy. However, accepting the trust of a woman to be at her most vulnerable, and delivering in return a tasteful photograph that she herself can admire is extremely hard.”

In addition to the book, the images will also be displayed in an exhibition taking place in Florida, USA in November. The book is published by teNueues and available for pre-order now.
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Rihanna worked with Russell James in 2011. Check out the photos from her Equire Magazine photoshoot here.

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