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FMQB.com updated their list for new singles to be released and it looks like Rih may have another hit on her hands with Kanye! Kanye is set to release a new version of Paranoid in January and it will feature Rihanna according to FMQB.com. 🙂
1/20 Rhythm/Crossover
Kanye West f/Lil’ Wayne ‘See You In My Nightmares” (Roc-A-Fella/IDJMG)
Kanye West f/Rihanna “Paranoid” (Roc-A-fella/IDJMG)
Shontelle “Battle Cry” (Universal Motown)
1/27 Mainstream
Kanye West f/Rihanna “Paranoid” (Roc-A-fella/IDJMG)

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