Rihanna Teases ‘Where Have You Been’ Music Video

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The ‘You Da One’ singer has promised lots of dancing in the music video for her next ‘Talk That Talk’ single. Rihanna has teased that the music video for her upcoming single ‘Where Have You Been’ will see the ‘You Da One’ star going back to nature. The ‘We Found Love’ singer wrapped shooting for the video back in March and has promised fans a lot of dancing in the promo, after describing the ‘Talk That Talk’ album track as “dance central”.

“‘Where Have You Been’ is the single that is going to start kicking in. We just shot the video with Dave Mars a couple of weeks ago. We wanted to use a lot of natural habitat. You know, we built a stage but everything went back to either a little bit of tribal or different cultures, and all mixed in to nature somehow, and it was fun. [There is] some dancing. We had to dance because that song is just dance central. You can’t stop moving when you hear it.’

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