Rihanna sued for poor parking form

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Rihanna’s neighbor is disturbia’d by what’s going on right in his own backyard. Christian Moeller has sued the songbird and the owner of the house she rents for invasion of privacy, nuisance, fraud and trespass, claiming Rihanna’s visitors are driving through his yard to get to her parking area or are leaving their cars on his lot. Stephen Yacobian recently remodeled the hoppin’ home, “effectively eliminating” its parking accommodations, states the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. “Such parking area does not allow even one vehicle to be parked entirely on Defendant’s property,” Moeller charges. And yet Rihanna often has “chauffeured vehicles that park or idle on Plaintiff’s property for hours at a time,” use his driveway to turn around and drive through his yard en route to what is now Rihanna’s too-small parking lot. Moeller is also bugged by the cameras on Rihanna’s property, a newly constructed privacy wall and some tall bamboo plants that he says block his city views, according to the complaint. The plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages, legal expenses and the revocation of a former agreement he had with Yacobian to let cars pass through his yard – a deal he made back when such things were a rarer occurrence. Yacobian has said that the lawsuit is “without merit.”
source: Eonline.com

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