Rihanna spotted in Los Angeles

X17 has been keeping an eye on Rihanna since the incident with Chris Brown on February 8th – we first spotted her just a few days after the alleged attack, despite reports she went home to Barbados, and we’ve seen her almost every day since, but have been unable to snap a single shot. Rihanna’s security detail have been hyper careful to protect the singer, particularly from our lenses. Rihanna’s been chauffeured around in cars extra-dark tinted windows with drivers adept and keeping photogs of their tail. Just barely more than 30 minutes ago, X17online photogs saw Rihanna leave the place where she’s been staying and head out in a car service SUV, followed by three more cars with her entourage and bodyguards. X17online believes she may have gone to the airport just now, to hop a private jet outta LA.

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I am a fan since 2005, a stan since 2007. She is empowering, daring, fearless and anything anyone always dreams to be in their lives. She also makes amazing music and never fails to surprise her fans.

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