Rihanna says shes shocked by the inclusion of being on the “Time 100” list.

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Rihanna has been talking about her recent addition to the Time 100 list, describing the news as a shock. She’s used to topping charts and popularity polls, of course, but when it comes to the heady world of ‘global influence, this was a first for the 24 year-old. RiRi spoke to Access Hollywood, she has described how amazed she was when she first heard the news that she had been placed on the list, alongside the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Kate Middleton. RiRi exclaimed:

“I was in shock, really, because it’s a very prestigious list and to be recognized by Time, that’s something that I’ll always remember for the rest of my life,”

She told Jill Martin of Access Hollywood. The Time 100 event took place on Tuesday (April 24, 2012) and Rihanna arrived looking striking, in a pink Vivienne Westwood gown. On the red carpet, she told Jill:

“You read the Time 100 List every year and to be a part of that list it, it’s such an incredible feeling.”

On a slightly more superficial note, Jill also asked Rihanna about her decision to revert back to black, with her hair color, RiRi explained.

“I missed it. and I am finally black again, wanted to do it for a long time and I knew it would be pretty permanent or a little more difficult to change from, so I took a long time.”

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