Rihanna out on the town for karaoke

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Rihanna is apparently back out on the scene. The pop superstar stepped out publicly for the second time in as many days, heading out to Hollywood’s Geisha House on Wednesday evening, a source present at the Japanese restaurant last night confirmed to Access Hollywood. On Tuesday, Rihanna, who is recovering from an alleged beating at the hands of boyfriend Chris Brown on Feb. 8, stepped out at an L.A. club to celebrate her birthday. And Wednesday, she attended a karaoke night at Geisha House. “Rihanna came in with five or six girlfriends,” the source said of the karaoke night, hosted by Wilmer Valderrama. The pop star came in “through the back entrance wearing sunglasses,” the source said. Rihanna also wore sunglasses on Tuesday when she celebrated her belated 21st birthday at Coco DeVille, however, last night she took them off, according to the source. “Everyone said she looked so pretty,” the source told Access. And Valderrama made his guest feel welcome.

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I am a fan since 2005, a stan since 2007. She is empowering, daring, fearless and anything anyone always dreams to be in their lives. She also makes amazing music and never fails to surprise her fans.

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