Rihanna on the set of Kodak commercial

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Rihanna steps in front of the camera with a whole new look — and ET is exclusively behind the scenes with the Barbados beauty whose new bright red hair color matches her new album title, Loud.

“It feels really loud and liberating,” she tells ET. “You know, it is not a very quiet color and it grabs a lot of attention, I have to say, whether it is positive or negative. But I love it. I don’t know why. I really love it. It is really expressive and daring. It is also fun to have your hair be a ridiculous color. It is so out of the ordinary…”

Rihanna was on a break from shooting her So Kodak commercial. She is the only female to be a part of the campaign, joining previous artists Drake, Trey Songz and Pitbull. The setting for the commercial is a fashion show, where Rihanna and her girls — and they really are women in her life, including her stylist, her hairdresser and her sister — are all in the front row watching the models walk the runway — and Rihanna is taking photos with her So Kodak camera.

“It is not just technically advanced, it is sexy looking. It comes in cool colors. It is a fun camera…. It is really easy. You take the picture and you can share right away,” she says, pointing out the share button that allows you to quickly send photos to friends and family when the camera is plugged into a computer.

So what photos does Rihanna enjoy sharing?

“I travel a lot and I get to see a lot of cool things and cool places and meet a lot of cool people,” she tells ET. “So, it is really cool to capture those moments. Those are the moments that you want to share with your friends and family.”

Rihanna also told JustJared.com that it was a natural fit for her:

“I am excited to team up with Kodak on this project. I am an avid fan of photography and love taking pictures, so this was a natural fit for me,” Ri said in a statement to JustJared.com. “Being on tour, traveling around the world, I have so many cool moments that I have captured on my camera.”

Rihanna and the guys will be featured on national TV spots, radio, online advertising and social media platforms. Huge!!!

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