Rihanna on 2018 Year-End Charts

Rihanna on 2018 Year-End Charts

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Billboard released its annual Year-End Charts today. Although Rihanna has been keeping us waiting for new album for almost three years now, the Year-End Charts would not be complete without her name on some of them. Check out all of her positions:

Billboard 200 Albums

#94 – ANTI

Top Artists

#86 – Rihanna

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs

#42 – Lemon (N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna)

Hot 100 Songs

#83 – Lemon  (N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna)

Billboard 200 Artists

#88 – Rihanna

Top Pop Catalog Albums

#17 – ANTI

Social 50 Artists

#13 – Rihanna

R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay Songs

#30 – Lemon  (N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna)

R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales

#23 – Lemon  (N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna)

Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums

#85 – ANTI

R&B Streaming Songs

#23 – Wild Thoughts (DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller)

R&B Albums

#11 – ANTI

Rhythmic Songs

#25 – Lemon  (N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna)

Rap Songs

#36 –  Lemon  (N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna)

Rap Airplay Songs

#19 –  Lemon  (N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna)

Rap Digital Song Sales

#21 –  Lemon  (N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna)

Dance Club Songs

#19 – Consideration

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