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Rihanna steps out in New York in Fenty sunglasses

Is Rihanna teasing us with new Fenty accessories? The question is yet to be answered but the fact is that Rihanna stepped out in New York last night wearing sunglasses with Fenty logo on both sides. It can be a customization but something tells me that Rihanna is going to get us broke in 2019. Like broke, BROKE. Whatever she is cooking, I am ready to be slayed.

Rihanna is back in New York since Sunday and was spotted at 718 Spank’s concert at SOB’s (Sound of Brazil). I certainly missed her cute face and it’s so refreshing to see new photos of fave. For more photos from last night, head over to JustJared. To get a glimpse of Rihanna inside Sound of Brazil, head over to Getty Images.

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