Rihanna misses her short hair

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From front row at fashion shows to tropical locales, Rihanna has been sporting the same long curly locks for a while now — which is surprising for the star who used to rock a hair change a week. And, she confesses, that — unlike chains and whips — her long hair doesn’t really excite her.

“I miss my short hair,” the singer said at the M.A.C Cosmetics premiere of It’s Not Over in L.A. on Tuesday night. “Right now the inspiration behind the long hair is being completely bored. I don’t feel like its necessary to do something new or dope, I’m just in the studio.”

Though the didn’t go into detail about why she was spending so much time in the studio and has remained mum on details of her upcoming album [rumored to drop later this year] she hinted that a new hairdo might be on the horizon. When asked what her favorite hairstyle was, she laughed before summing it up in one word: “Short!”

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