Rihanna launches new album ‘Loud’ in London

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Capital FM: She’s only just completed her Last Girl on Earth World Tour, but Rihanna is back and ready to release her brand new and 5th studio album to the world. Fresh from her huge collaboration with Eminem, which gave Rihanna her 6th USA No.1 single, the multi-platinum star has flown into London promoting new single “Only Girl ( in the world)” the first single from her new album “Loud.” The sexy singer, who’s remained a redhead since her appearance at Capital’s Summertime Ball back in June, popped into to chat about her new album, filming her first ever movie and hanging out in Vegas with best friend Katy Perry. Rihanna helped organise Katy’s bachelorette party out in Vegas, ahead of her marriage to our very own Russell Brand. She told us:

“The only we thing we didn’t do was karaoke, but we sang songs really loudly in our hotel room and that was just as the cake came out- it was an amazing night. We had so much fun, it was 24 hours of chaos and we did everything we could have possibly done in Vegas in 24 hours. We had a blast. I was so exhausted the next day.”

So why are the two so close? RiRi told us:

“You know what, when I first met her I just knew that we would connect. We have a similar sense of humour, similar personalities and she has no edit button which I like about her; she’s just so honest, so yes we just clicked. She’s just amazing.”

But Rihanna was quick to laugh off the recent rumour that Katy has encouraged Rihanna to get married quick to current boyfriend, baseball star Matt Kemp.

“What’s that about? Easy Katy!” she joked. “Matt’s just great and you know what, I like to play him my songs when I finish them and ask him what he thinks. We disagree sometimes, but for the most parts he likes the new album. He doesn’t really like “Who’s that Chick” on Loud, he actually prefers the ballads on this album to be honest. The ballads are so special on this album. One is called ‘Straight Up Beautiful’. The other, ‘California Kingbed’ is probably my favourite track and I think it could be the biggest track from the record.”

Rihanna also told me that she couldn’t believe how big the Eminem song has been this yeaL,

“I knew I loved it but I never knew the response would be that big. I love that song so much and I’m just glad that Eminem asked me to sing on the record.” But what about future collaborations? “Well, my next second single is called ‘What’s my Name’ and a version of it features Drake and another track on the album is collaboration with Nicki Minaj called ‘Raining Men’ and we might be working together on a track on her new album also.”

The other exciting project Rihanna, has been working on is forthcoming action movie “Battleship,” in which Rihanna makes her motion picture debut.

“Oh my gosh, it was one of the coolest experiences ever. It was amazing shooting in the middle ocean and literally shooting weapons, was so cool. I definitely want to do more movies because I like it and it’s something I want to get better at doing”

Rihanna plays weapon officer Rakes in the forthcoming film and told us that “she’s a bad ass, tattooed officer and she knows everything about every single weapon on the ship”.

Oh and if you’re wondering when Rihanna might take to the stage next, she told us she’s definitely planning to return next year.

“I miss being on stage. I can’t wait; I’ll let you know very soon about my next tour.”

Rihanna’s new album Loud is released on November 15th.

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