Rihanna ‘Killed It’ On Talk That Talk’s ‘Watch N’ Learn’

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Rihanna has given fans a taste of her November 21 release Talk That Talk in the form of two singles: the Calvin Harris party starter “We Found Love” and the Dr. Luke club banger “You Da One.”

The album features nine other booty-shaking, NSFW tunes about getting frisky, with production credits from a number of noted hitmakers like Stargate, Bangladesh and The-Dream. Another producer, Hit-Boy, made the final cut with his sexy, instructional “Watch n’ Learn.”

“She definitely murdered it vocally,” he told MTV News. “I was just at the studio last week listening to a mix of it, and man, she killed it. I really feel like, this song, it’s going to be big. I’m really excited about it.”

The track wasn’t originally slated for any artist in particular when Hit-Boy (who has produced for Lil Wayne, the Throne, Eminem and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few) started working on it.

“I kind of went into the situation blind, but I had this track I actually started at home, and the one day I was at the studio with this amazing [songwriter] Priscilla Renea, and I was going to tell her to go home, but I was like, ‘Stay here and see if you could come up with an idea for this,’ ” he recalled of the track’s origin. “And by the time I got back to the house she sent me the idea through iChat, and I was like, ‘Man, this is crazy.’ So we got it to [Rihanna], and they went crazy, and she cut it, and that’s what it is!”

The song, like many on the album, focuses on two people getting frisky. So why is Rihanna feeling so hot and bothered this time around?

“I mean it’s called Talk That Talk, and she’s definitely talking that talk — especially, I know, from my record,” he said. “It’s called ‘Watch n’ Learn,’ and people will understand what it’s about once it comes out. It’s a very sexy record, but it’s fun. It’s [got] great melodies; it’s catchy; the beat knocks. It’s so many different elements to it.”

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