Rihanna Is ‘Weirded Out’ By Her American Accent In New Upcoming Movie ‘Battleship’

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Rihanna employs in her stage performances, music videos and personal style, it’s difficult to believe that her first-ever movie role is in this summer’s “Battleship”. The Caribbean-born singer admitted that filling her in the Peter Berg-directed film made her nervous in the beginning.

“I had trepidation. It was my first film, and I was coming into an environment full of professionals so I had to keep up,” Rihanna said during our “MTV First: Battleship.” “There were also real military vets on set, who were a part of the film, so you’re definitely minding your P’s and Q’s at all times, you don’t want to do anything that was disappointing to their customs.”

Being back on the USS Missouri (where they filmed scenes for the movie) for “First” reminded the singer of the nervous energy she had on set.

“The butterflies, that nervous feeling I have being here again,” she said. “You’re not comfortable, you have to be alert all the time.”

So the big question: What did RiRi think when she saw the finished film and her performance for the first time?

“I was extremely blown away,” she said. “I hadn’t expected anything like that, because you have to create it in your mind, everyone had their own idea of what it would look like and seeing it back, it was a completely different magnitude. I definitely was weirded out in seeing myself onscreen, and hearing myself speak in an American accent,” she admitted. “It was weird but cool I think.”


Check out the new “Battleship” trailer, shown by MTV last night.


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