Rihanna is in Cuba

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Rihanna arrived in Cuba yesterday. She was photographed at the bar La Fontana Habana where Rihanna went straight from the airport.

Rihannas arrived on Wednesday on the island from the United States on a private flight and after landing went out into the capital incognito, turning up unannounced at the La Fontana “paladar,” as privately-owned restaurants are called in Cuba, the establishment’s owner, Ernesto Blanco, said.

“She came directly from the airport because she wanted to eat Cuban food,” said Blanco, who managed to have his photo taken next to Rihanna, a snapshot that hit the social networks on Thursday.

So far, this is the only image made public of the singer’s Cuba trip, but several local media outlets have already reported on her visit and the photo.

According to Blanco, Rihanna spent about two hours at La Fontana along with three companions in what seems to be a trip by relatives and/or friends, and she was accompanied by a “strong security team.”

“She asked for two plates of food, a daiquiri. She was very interested in Cuban cooking,” said the proprietor, adding that the singer had ordered black beans, sausage and pork ribs.

The singer of “Diamonds” and “Stay” was recognized by the restaurants’ customers, among whom were several Americans, but according to Blanco the staff at La Fontana took great care to ensure that she was not “bothered” by anyone.

He also said that Rihanna enjoyed classics of Cuban music while at the restaurant, including “La Guantanamera,” and she danced to the “son” rhythms played by the eatery’s band.

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