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Several days ago, Rihanna went to NYC in order to make a photoshoot — for “Vogue” magazine according to certain sources. She also headed to recording studio. For a few days, the songstress has been changing her hair, going from long wavy black hair to urchin cut, and vice versa.
You can find the pictures right below.

| 12 December ~ Rihanna out and about in New York [MQ] | 08 photo(s).

| 12 December ~ Rihanna arriving at a recording studio in New York [HQ] | 10 photo(s).

| 12 December ~ Rihanna leaving a photoshoot in New York | 10 photo(s).

| 13 December ~ Rihanna leaving a photoshoot for Vogue magazine in New York | 156 photo(s).

| 13 December 2013 ~ Rihanna on the set of a new photoshoot | 03 photo(s).

| 15 December ~ Rihanna arriving at her hotel in New York | 26 photo(s).

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