Rihanna: I Got Katy Perry a Really, Really Cool Wedding Gift

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Rihanna stepped out in New York City on Wednesday to sign copies of her new photography book, Rihanna, and she dished on her pal Katy Perry’s wedding.
Rihanna wasn’t able to make it to Katy and Russell Brand’s wedding, which was held last weekend in India, but she tells “The Insider,” “We’ve been texting each other.” She pointed out, however, “Ever since she’s been there it’s been no text messages because there’s no service out there.”
Rihanna may not have been able to travel to the other side of the world to cheer her friend on, but she did make time to buy a gift. “I got her a really, really cool gift, but I’ll let her tell you about that,” Rihanna dished, keeping the fabulous present to herself.
The pop star says that fans can look forward to seeing fabulous behind-the-scenes photos in her new photography tome, and she tells “The Insider” that seeing the photos reminded her of memories she had forgotten! And when it comes to her upcoming album, Loud, she enthused, “It’s really incredible, I love it and I think this is my favorite album of all.”

“The thing I can appreciate the most, is the colors, you know, it’s not one sound, it’s not all uptempo, and it’s not all ballads, you know it’s a really really great mixture of midtempo [songs and] uptempo [songs], but every song has its own topic and sound to it,” she explained.
Rihanna, photographed and conceptualized by Simon Henwood with a foreword by Alexandre Vauthier, is available in bookstores now, while Loud will be released on November 16.

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