Rihanna cancels her Grammy performance due to illness

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Rihanna cancelled her performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards due to illness. The singer was set to perform “Kiss It Better,” a song from her recently released eighth album, ANTI. 

Based on Rihanna’s examination, after Grammy rehearsal today, Rihanna’s doctor put her on vocal rest for 48 hours because she was at risk of hemorrhaging her vocal cords,” a spokesperson for the singer said in a statement. “The antibiotics she has been on for three days did not kill the infection adequately, therefore she cannot perform safely.”

James Corden is opening up about Rihanna‘s canceled performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards, which he was set to introduce and be a part of on Monday night (February 15).

“A couple of weeks ago, I got asked if I would introduce Rihanna on the show,” James said. “I get this phone call saying Rihanna has this big thing planned for her song ‘Kiss It Better’ and she’s doing like a whole ’80s talk show thing and it’s going to be really cool. What she wants you to do is be like an ’80s talk show host and I’d have funny glasses and I’d introduce Rihanna, she’d come out and do a song and then at the end she’d come and sit with me, like it was it’s own talk show which they called As It Lays.”

James then revealed how he rehearsed with Rihanna and she was under the weather, but still planned to go forward with the performance. It wasn’t until he was done with the red carpet that he found out the performance had been canceled. Watch him explaining the situation here.

Rihanna took her Twitter to apologize to her fans and thank for support.

#NAVY so sorry I couldn’t be there ….. Thanks Grammys and CBS for your support tonight.

Get well soon, Rihanna!

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