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Rihanna is officially back home in Barbados with her family recovering from the most public breakup the world has seen in years. Rihanna’s father Ronald Fenty has already spoken out about his daughter’s altercation with boyfriend Chris Brown and said “There is some bruising. She will be all right. I think so.” Now her cousin Yvonne Fenty is speaking to Radaronline about the incident claiming “Rihanna is holding up well.” “Everyone is looking after her – she is just trying to catch herself and get her life back on track. None of this is as bad as everyone makes it sound. Her injuries weren’t near as bad as people make them sound. “Yes, she is going through a rough time and is upset, but she is thinking positive and resting. She will be fine.” The entire world is anxiously waiting for Rihanna to resurface so we can be assured that she’s doing well. We really hope she takes her fathers advice and “will stand up for women all over the world.”

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