Rihanna brings you into her world with help from Samsung

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Samsung and Rihanna have joined forces to introduce, ANTIdiaRy (inspired by artwork by Roy Nachum) – a creative collaboration that will bring her fans, The Navy, into her world like never before.  Launching during the American Music Awards, the immersive Samsung-powered experience, is just the beginning of an unforgettable exclusive journey through Rihanna’s life story.

This unprecedented, episodic, multi-platform journey created in partnership with the pioneering theatre company Punchdrunk, will take fans inside the mind of an iconic artist while blurring the lines between the digital and physical world. Like Rihanna, Samsung is committed to reimagining and reinventing what’s possible in technology and culture, pushing boundaries to deliver what’s next to our fans—and hers.  And just as Rihanna has served as a voice of disruption in art, music, fashion, and culture, Samsung has once again, disrupted what’s possible with its innovative ambitions and technologies.

Together, Samsung and Rihanna are re-imagining the way music and artistry are experienced. Stay tuned.


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I am a fan since 2005, a stan since 2007. She is empowering, daring, fearless and anything anyone always dreams to be in their lives. She also makes amazing music and never fails to surprise her fans.