Rihanna bought half of her sexy lingerie while single

Rihanna bought half of her sexy lingerie while single

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Even if “chains and whips” don’t excite you, Rihanna’s new lingerie line will. Ahead of the Savage x Fenty launch—which ranges from lightweight T-shirt bras to crotch-less panties—E! News caught up with the “S&M” singer at the brand’s Brooklyn pop-up Thursday night to find out how to embrace Riri-status confidence.

Step one: Treat yourself…before anybody else.

“I’m a lingerie collector and half of it I’ve never worn,” said the singer, who was wearing a black negligee-type dress and dripping in Djula and Le Vian diamonds and David Webb jewels. “I just bought it because I love it, and I feel like if I ever wear it, it’ll be for me. Half of it I bought when I was single is what I’m trying to say,” added the singer, laughing. “It gives you hope in a way, doesn’t? One day I’ll wear this.”

With 90 styles in 36 sizes, ranging from 32A to 44DD, the Savage X collection can feel a little overwhelming, but there are three things you should always look for in an undergarment, according to the Ocean’s 8 actress.

“You definitely want to feel sexy. You want to feel confident. You want to feel comfortable,” Rihanna told E! News. “It’s hard to put all those things into one, but those are the things women look for when they are going to buy undergarments or lingerie.”

Believe it or not, Rihanna insists pieces from her lingerie line can do it all.

“I love the corset because it really snatches you in and it is comfortable—hard to do. But I also really love the T-shirt bra and the comfortable stuff,” she added. “It’s fun to play.”

Savage X Fenty is available now on online. Make sure to let me know what your favourite pieces/collections are! The accessories, including handcuffs will be released soon.

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