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And now Justin Timberlake and Rihanna make their way to India. Singing for music composer Aadesh Srivastav in the near future, these stars join the composer in a musical tribute to the people of Mumbai. “After the recent attacks, I have been wanting to do something. For me music is the only way of expression. It will be a four-song album, titled Sound of Peace,” said Aadesh. “It’s not a prayer or a request,” he said, “we want to send out a message that it’s time to wake up.” He said that while Rihanna has confirmed, Timberlake has yet to sort out the dates. “I have been taking to Justin’s manager, Lakshmi Grover. Justin has been touring. Rihanna would be flying to New York for the recording. I am in a hurry, so we are trying to get the earliest dates possible.” Talking about the compositions, he said, “I have the violinist Kala Ramnath, along with vocalist Ustad Rashid Khanji. Sanjeevji will compose the Hindi version of these songs. While Zoya Akhtar is composing two English songs. These songs will be a blend of hard chore Indian classical and pop,” he said. However, neither star will have a solo album as it’s meant to be a blend of both the worlds. The music composer is keen on releasing the album by January 26, 2009.

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