Rihanna among artists people listen to when having sex

Rihanna among artists people listen to when having sex

In an interesting and fun new research conducted by PourMoi who rummaged through Spotify data and analysed over 300,000 songs from playlists with titles such as ‘sex playlist’, ‘baby-making’ and ‘shagging’, it turns out Rihanna is one of the most popular artists people listen to when having sex or satisfying themselves.

Artists people listen to while having sex

The Weeknd and his seductive, sexy songs of course made him the top artist but Rihanna also made the list at #6. She and Beyonce are the only female artists to appear in Top 10.

You know I got the sauce, you know I’m saucy

Rihanna “Sex With Me” from 2016 ANTI album

Rihanna’s Sex with Me was also ranked as the #2 most popular song for self-satisfaction. She was also the #8 most popular artist for sensual singles.

Methodology: All results are based on Spotify data correct as of 7th June 2020. Most popular artists and songs were calculated by scrapping the song data of playlists that contain the words ‘date night’, ‘getting it on’, ‘sex playlist’, ‘shagging’, ‘Netflix and chill’, ‘touching myself’, ‘solo sex’ and ‘masturbation playlist’.

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    Rihanna is the hottest woman ever

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