Quick News – December 28, 2011

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  • MTV have named Rihanna as the second most hard working pop star of 2011, beaten only by Lady Gaga: Three years, three albums:That’s the kind of frenetic rate that Rihanna has been working at since she left Chris Brown in 2009. Just this year alone, Rihanna has released six (!) singles: “S&M,” “California King Bed,”“Man Down,” “Cheers (Drink to That),” “We Found Love” and her latest single,“You Da One.” Rihanna also found time to guest on tracks by Kanye (“All of the Lights”), Nicki Minaj (“Fly”), Drake (“Take Care”) and more surprising artists like Coldplay (“Princess of China”) and the Lonely Island (“Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde”). We got tired just by typing all that out! Keep in mind that Rihanna cranked out all of that while also taking her Loud tour to over 20 countries for 100 dates. The amazing thing is that 2012 looks to be just as crazy, as she continues to promote Talk That Talkand preps for the release of her feature film debut, “Battleship.”
  • Rihanna is releasing “The making of Talk That Talk” very soon since she already tweeted: “I’m gonna release “The Making of TTT” soon! I love it! The edit’s almost 100%….I think you’re gonna love it too.”
  • Pop phenomenon Sir Cliff Richard wants a duet with our girl Rihanna: Sir Cliff, 71(we always forget this information and it surprises us everytime), has collaborated with stars such as Sir Elton John in the past, but said he really fancies warbling with a modern pop diva. Sir Cliff said:

    “Somebody asked me if I’d like to sing with Rihanna and I thought ‘Who wouldn’t?’ She looks fantastic, she’s got a great voice, but in the case of duets, if it’s feasible, it’s always a matter of what the song is. If we both like the song, that’s the best way to do a duet. I couldn’t just say, ‘yes, I’ll come’, and then sing some dance thing I don’t like.”

  • There is a Japanese ‘Battleship’ trailer out . You can view the trailer here.

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