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Click here to watch an exclusive MSN interview with Rihanna. Below you can read what she said.

On the sound of the new album…
It’s a variety of tempos. We have a lot of up-tempos, then we have a lot of mid-tempos, and then we have some ballads… but it’s mostly the energy of it.

It never feels slow. There’s never a dull moment on the album.

It’s really expressive, and that’s why I wanted to call it Loud. It definitely grabs your attention, whether it’s the sound or the lyric.

On how it differs from Rated R…
Rated R was an album of a very specific time, you know? It was more of a documentation. With this, I just wanted to make great songs.

On collaborating with Canadian rapper Drake…
(Production team) Stargate were like, ‘What do you think about putting a rapper on this song?’ I thought ok, but it would have to be someone who is young and melodic because that’s the vibe of the record already. I felt that’s what was special about What’s My Name, how youthful it felt and also the melodies, so I felt like Drake was the perfect person to get on the track, that he would be able to achieve a catchy enough verse that my fans will love.

On collaborations in general…
I’m very picky with collaborations. I don’t like collaborations unless it’s meant to be, unless it’s special. I don’t like to do collaborations just for the hell of it… and I think so far we’ve been picking the right people.

On her dream collaboration…
I have a few but Depeche Mode is at the top of my list because they’re so out there and I think both of our sounds together would produce something really cool. Also, I love them, they just rock, they’re awesome.

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