New products from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

New products from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

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It was a quiet few months for Fenty Beauty, with the release of December’s MatteMoiselle Plush Matte lipsticks and… not much else. Until now, that is. Rihanna and the crew just announced the launch of Body Lava, two full-sized liquid highlighters that come in bronze (Brown Sugar) and peach (Who Needs Clothes) — both of which drop on April 6. And like the marketing genius she is, Rih gave her devoted fans a firsthand look at just how to apply them.

In an Instastory post, Rihanna squeezed a dollop of Who Needs Clothes onto her shoulder and buffed it in with a kabuki brush. The clip was about five seconds, tops, but still rivals some of the hottest beauty ad campaigns we’ve ever seen. It’s all in those eyes. And the smile. Okay, okay… and maybe the lips, too.

She didn’t just stop there, though. Earlier this morning, Rih shared another helpful demo of her Fairy Bomb — a powder puff “packed with shimmer inside.” She wasn’t lying — after sweeping Fairy Bomb across her shoulder and clavicle, the tiny bits of glitter shined brighter than your favorite KiraKira filter.

While the products are meant for the body, we’re looking forward to finding different ways to utilize the goodies. After all, that’s what Rih does all the time — like in the videos posted above. After a fan asked about her shimmery lipstick, the superstar revealed that it wasn’t an actual lip product. “It’s [Match Stix] in [Sinamon] with a touch of Gloss Bomb,” she shared. Sigh. We’re never not amazed at the bad gal’s brilliance.

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