New Mattemoiselle lipsticks to be sold separately

New Mattemoiselle lipsticks to be sold separately

Rejoice, beauty lovers! We asked and Fenty Beauty answered our prayers. The new Christmas Mattemoiselle lipsticks that were only available in 10/10 set will be sold separately! To announce it, Rihanna posted a beautiful promotional photo of herself wearing the Tiger Tini shade in perfect red-orange. Lipsticks will be available for purchase on December 26th (Wednesday) on Fenty Beauty, Sephora and Harvey Nichols!

This year Mattemoiselle lipsticks that premiered a year ago come in 10 new vibrant shades: Violet Fury (vivid violet), Pumpkin Rose (rich marigold), Flamingo Acid (bright berry), Dragon Mami (tropical papaya), I Quit (true mink), F’n Black (navy black), Turks and Caicos (deep teal), Ballerina Blackout (loud bubblegum), Thicc (sultry mauve), and Tiger Tini (exotic orange).

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle 10/10 on skin

Rihanna posted new promotional photos of herself wearing Turks and Caicos, Flamingo Acid, Pumpkin Rose and Thicc.


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