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Thanks to Rihanna’s amazing Italian Fansite you can read quotes from new Rihanna interviews. She was interviewed during her stay in Italy when she promoted Nivea.

Quotes from the interview for ‘A’ magazine:

  • “I’m single and I’m happy. I’m not flirting with anyone at the moment. No sexy texting. Just nothing.”
  • “My relationship with my fans is sincere. I’m sincere and I say whatever goes trough my mind. They know it is really ME tweeting. Communicating with them it’s hard sometimes, but I consider myself lucky since I can talk to young boys&girls from all over the world and understand what they like and dislike.”
  • “Britney is a lagend”
  • “I love whatching the TV and cooking spicy foods. I love spices! I cook fish with curry and many other spices. Sometimes i even try cooking Italian food.”

Quotes from the interview for ‘Panorama’ magazine:

  • “Even my friend criticized me for following Chris B on Twitter. I mean… We are talking about communication through 2 computers! We are not gonna get married. Calm down because me and CB are not gonna meet anymore. Never.”
  • “I love being single! And I’m happy they invented webcams!”
  • “I don’t want a simple quick fame. i wanna become a real BRAND. Something that is not music only but perfume, shoes, clothes and much more. It’s not just about music business.”
  • (About S&M) “Unfortunately everyone just focused on the sexy aspect of the song/video but it’s not that hard to understand that behind these hard images there is a metaphor that explains my relationship with medias. Reading gossip newspapers is like getting punched and caressed at the same time. I love appearing on them but I would like not appearing on them at the same time. Because on TV or newspapers it’s not really me. You see yourself, you see what they say about you and… you don’t recognize yourself. There are no remedies. You just have to act like anything never happened. And the girl on the cover magazine it’s not really you, it’s just somebody that looks like you. A lot.”

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