New interview: Feisty Rihanna ready for battle

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Via Daily Telegraph: Controversy is never very far from Rihanna these days. With the pop superstar in Sydney next week for the April 10 premiere of Battleship – her first Hollywood film – Rihanna is making headlines for her rumoured, romantic hook-up with newly single actor, Ashton Kutcher.
On top of that, the Umbrella singer revealed last week in an interview that she feels “comfortable” being naked. But Rihanna, 24, denies courting attention – insisting she is simply living her life.

“I think the term rebellious is a term society has created for people being themselves. A lot of people just aren’t like the others and they understand that and they have accepted that, and they are not afraid to be that, and people don’t understand that and that’s why it comes off as rebellious. But to me, it’s just doing things my way, things that I believe in.”

Following her own path and sticking to her beliefs has paid off for Rihanna. She is arguably one of the world’s most in-demand pop stars and is now trying her luck at acting.
In Battleship, she stars alongside Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson and Alexander Skarsgard. The sci-fi action flick, which will have its Australian premiere at Sydney’s Luna Park on April 10, is a big screen adaptation of the children’s boardgame of the same name and is set in Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor where an international naval fleet engages in a fierce battle with aliens.
Moving into film was an obvious transition for Rihanna, who plays navy officer and weapons specialist Cora Raikes.

“It’s a whole different ball game to me. After I started making music and travelling and making more albums, I just felt like, what else could I do and it had to be something creative. Acting was always something I was curious about as I got older and I wanted to try it just to see how I would do and I liked it.”

Acting, she says, pushed her in ways music had not and she was understandably nervous about the prospect of being seen on the big screen.

“I was scared to death. I really had to open up a lot to myself. In order to tap into the right emotions, I had to compare a lot of the experiences and the scenarios to personal scenarios of mine in order to get the right emotion and it was pretty intense in that way. I learned a lot about myself.”

While Battleship is a big budget Hollywood studio film, Rihanna is just one of an ensemble of actors, which ensured she was able to ease her way into acting without the pressure of a leading role. Director Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) hand-picked her for the role because of her reputation for being “rebellious in my real life”.

“It was a role that I felt like I was capable of handling or executing. I never wanted to disrespect the industry or just take it for granted just to take the opportunity, just because I was Rihanna. I didn’t want it to be given to me, so I wanted to start out with a role that was small. I felt very comfortable being in the background.”

When it comes to her music, and her private life, Rihanna is anything but shy. The paparazzi follow her every move and her relationship status is under constant scrutiny. Rihanna is also known for being provocative with her music, by pushing boundaries with her sexy outfits and explicit lyrics. Her video for S&M was banned in several countries because of its raunchy content.

“When I make a video clip it is a piece of art. I never do it to get banned, never do it for controversy, it’s always just honest, and at times, it’s too far for some.”

Battleship opens on April 12. Sydney premiere at Luna Park on April 10.

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