Meet Savage x Fenty Squad Models & Influencers

Meet Savage x Fenty Squad

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When it comes to lingerie ads, the beauty ideal presented tends to be one of airbrushed uniformity. From the start, Savage x Fenty aimed to do something different. With a size range that goes up to 3x and a diverse cast of models, Rihanna’s first foray into intimates breaks all the rules in terms of imagery.

It focuses on sexiness as an inner quality to be accentuated with lace and push-up bras, rather than the reward earned after a thousand training sessions, and she rewrote the rules with help from a lineup of girls with attitude. United by their collective cool and willingness to go against the grain, the group includes body positive activists, fashion’s favorite badass model, and a host of new faces with style.

Here, eight of the campaign’s stars share in their own words what it was like to work with Rihanna and why they feel Savage x Fenty is starting a revolution.

Slick Woods

“Savage x is another step into a more inclusive world for girls. I hope everyone can feel as sexy as I do when I sport my Savage.”

Lulu Bonfils

“It feels incredibly special to be able to show my body in an environment where different body types are typically hidden. In the lingerie world especially, it’s important to make everyone feel sexy in their own natural body types.”

Jazzelle Zanaughtti

“It was such a refreshing feeling to be apart of something so inclusive and something that is helping to change the norm! This campaign really showed that beauty comes in every flavor”

Audrey Richie

“Anything that has to do with Rihanna and the Fenty brand is so iconic. Even walking into set feels glamorous in every sense, and every model is treated like an absolute queen. All kinds of body types were featured, and the whole team was so inclusive, it was amazing. No one was treated any differently—if anything, they would encourage everyone for looking so hot! I am so blessed to be working with a company like Fenty. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store!”

Stella Duval

“This type of inclusion is so rarely seen in the fashion industry, especially in lingerie. RiRi’s line is not just a dope brand. She is starting a revolution where every being is welcome.”

Salem Mitchell

“Shooting for Savage x Fenty was the first time I’ve left a shoot feeling stronger than when I walked in. Watching it unfold up to this point; hearing all the different voices from various strong women, I feel empowered and inspired. Shooting lingerie can be kind of vulnerable because people are going to see you in a way you probably haven’t been seen before (at least for me), and with the way Rihanna and her team have included our voices as well as various body types, I feel less nervous and more valued, confident, and happy.”

Scarlett Costello

“I feel so personally appreciated and taken care of by the brand. I’m not just a model, I’m part of the whole thing, and Rihanna is too. Doesn’t feel like a celeb project. Seems like she really cares and is a part of it.”

Gabbriette Bechtel

“Being around women who aren’t afraid to be themselves, speak their minds, and feel confident in their own skin is what makes me feel empowered. So, getting to experience that with a group of bad bitches who all have incredible stories was my favorite part. Also running around in my Savage undies was a plus.”

Source: Vogue

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