Marc Ecko and Rihanna argue identity theft, solitude, and pest infestation

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“Complex Magazine” founder Marc Ecko and Rihanna face off in a game of “M.E. Against the World”. We selected the Rihanna answers and posted them below.

How long can you be by yourself before you get uncomfortable?
I can be by myself forever. I have been. I like company but I still like to get away for myself.
Whose identity would you like to steal?
That’s a snap: Adriana Lima. Her body is crazy. She had a kid six weeks before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and she still looked better than me!
What’s the worst pest infestation you’ve experienced?
There are bees that bug the hell out of me at my pool. They come and take baths, splashing and swimming. When they’re done they get to the edge, hop out, dry off, and just fly away. I try to drown them because I’m freaked out by bees but they don’t die!

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