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  • You’ve come a long way, Rihanna. It didn’t seem so long ago, Bluesfest in 2006, that the teenaged Barbadian beauty was last here. It was, by most accounts, your usual garden variety of repetitive dance pop with a catwalk sensibility. I remember thinking, “Gosh, has Bluesfest come to this?”The now-23-year-old rolled her latest live show, appropriately dubbed Loud, into Scotiabank Place on Wednesday night. She was met loudly by an impressive wave of estrogenic energy generated by 12,000 fans who, I suspect, might be, like Rihanna, divas at heart.Part Broadway music, part Oprah Winfrey show for the younger generation, Rihanna’s suddenly doing for women what rap and rock did for men long ago while giving the fairer sex a strong, sensual and empowering role model with unbelievable star power. (read more on Ottawa Sun)

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